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2 French bourrees

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Two of my favorite French bourrees: "Les Moutons" (The Sheep) & "Bourree Malochet." This is a "pick up" band--of which I'm a part--playing for a French folk dance in San Francisco. I'm playing hammered dulcimer; Mitch Gordon plays hurdy gurdy; Laurent Vintaer plays flute; Laura Wingerd is on fiddle. We're tight and together on the 1st tune, but playing slightly different versions (since this is unrehearsed) on the 2nd one. But, hey--it's folk music--and the dancers and we are all having a great spontaneous time!!! Vive la difference!
Peter Tommerup
08/20/12 05:07:41AM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Robin,

Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed the latest video I posted of us playing the 2 bourrees. We all love playing for dancers and with each other. It was a blast!Grin.gif



Peter Tommerup
08/20/12 05:04:28AM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for watching and enjoying the video of my friends and I playing the 2 bourrees for a French dance. We had a lot of fun! About 35 years ago, I considered having hurdy gurdy be the next instrument I learned (after mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bodhran and rhythm bones). Never quite got around to it.But I still enjoy hearing it and playing with it.Grin.gif


Peter Tommerup
08/20/12 05:00:10AM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Patty,

So glad that you enjoyed the music for the French bourrees and the dancing of the bourree. I love French folk tunes for their almost Zen like simplicity and charm!Grin.gif

I also share your fascination with the hurdy gurdy. In concept and layout, it's a bit like a dulcimer and a bagpipe. They all come from a time when droning was cool and the only harmony folks felt was needed. Just like a bagpipe or a traditional dulcimer---where the melody is played noter style on one string---the hurdy gurdy has a melody string and 2 (or more) drones. Instead of one's fingers pressing the strings against frets like on a MD, though, a player presses little wooden keys which stop the strings.But wait...there's more! The hurdy gurdy, which is a bowed instrument sorta like the fiddle, has the unusual ability to make percussive "buzzing" noises. This makes it a good instrument for helping dancers to hear the beat of the music clearly.



Robin Thompson
08/17/12 11:56:56AM @robin-thompson:

This is delightful, Peter!

Patty from Virginia
08/16/12 08:30:26AM @patty-from-virginia:

That looks like fun! I enjoyed the music and the dancingSmile.gif . I must say I'm fascinated by that hurdy gurdySmile.gif Thanks for sharing.