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Le Chêne Fourchu

musician/member name: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:02:55
Rémi Lainé : Images / Ludovic Legros : Contrebasse / Pierre Lainé : Dulcimer
Robin Thompson
05/07/21 08:09:38AM @robin-thompson:

Pierre, I love everything about this!  The music and the images go together perfectly.  So glad you shared this video with us!  

04/15/21 04:08:02PM @strumelia:

Pierre, this is wonderful! 

A perfect combination of talents, meshed together so well.

I loved the little animation bit at the end, too!  inlove

Pierre Lainé
04/11/21 10:18:17AM @pierre-lain:

while waiting for the concerts,
the chanterelles dances at the foot of the forked oak.
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Pierre Lainé