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Robin Thompson

The Bowed Dulcimer Project trailer

I'm fortunate to have instruments built by Ken Bloom!  And, by coincidence, was in Pilot Mountain NC and interviewed by Ryan Koons back in '11....
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Robin Thompson

The Moraharpa!

Keyed fiddle found in Mora Sweden.  Gee, I love the sound of this critter! 
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Robin Thompson

What tunes are you bowing these days?

Hello to all--I'm noodling around on lots of tunes on bowed dulcimer, some of them fiddle tunes played at less than fiddle tune speed. :)...
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Bowed Dulcimer Cases?

Greetings, all. Has anyone found travel cases for bowed dulcimers that are not made by Blue Heron, Folkcraft, or TheDulcimerBagLady?  I've looked...
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Marlin Style Bow?

Hi. Does anyone know anything about the history or characteristics of a "Marlin" bow? Is this a newer bow? Baroque? Transitional? Figment of my...
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I'd like to hear from people what kind of bows you are using on your bowed dulcimers, and why you prefer certain kinds of bows, lengths, type of...
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Robin Thompson

videos - bowing a mountain dulcimer & playing with a noter

Friends, Dave Rogers has several excellent videos in which he's bowing a mountain dulcimer-- usually a Tennessee Music Box (TMB) built by John...
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Ok, Is there a reason I maybe should not be using my husband's old discarded double bass rosin on my bows for bowed psaltery playing? Is bass rosin...
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Robin Thompson

Sylvan James of Gassaway WV

Some days ago, Rick Kennedy began a discussion about a dulcimer up for bid at Goodwill online. The entire discussion can be found here:...
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bowed dulcimer makers

just got really interested in Bowed Dulcimer (yes i lack focus) are there any other makers besides Ken Bloom? i am not looking to spend almost $1K...
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Bowed Psalteries

I thought perhaps I would start a specific discussion place for bowed psalteries here in Robin's "Rosin the Bow!" group, so we don't have to keep...
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Playing a regular mtn dulcimer with a bow

Here are a couple of old photos showing people playing regular mtn dulcimers with a bow...scroll down on each page to see the bowed photos......
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Robin Thompson

Ken Bloom's bowed dulcimer basics video

  Ken Bloom made a video in which he goes over the basics of the bowed dulcimer-- enjoy!    
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James Swayne

New BD build

It's finally finished!!! A very challenging build, but it's done.
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I finally ordered one

Yes, I am impulsive.  But i love the sound of a bowed dulcimer.  So that is where I am going to start!  I could not afford the one I wanted from...
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Robin Thompson

Picture Gallery

Do you have a zitter you bow? If so, this is the place to show-off your instrument. (If you're holding or playing the instrument, so much the...
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Finally got myself some bowing lessons!

I have only just managed to find someone that I think I can work with in order to progress with my bowed dulcimer. I have noodled around at home...
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Getting to know my Pardessus BD

This arrived in January for my 50th birthday ; a 4 string chromatically fretted Pardessus BD from Ken Bloom, with strings in "cello" order (Tuning...
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Help me decide on an instrument for my birthday!!

Dear Friends who Play with Bows.... In January 2012 I will turn fifty, and its those big birthdays with a zero on the end that get a lass...
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