Played "junior luthier" today

07/04/19 06:49:30PM

Built a Cedar Creek solid walnut hourglass dulcimer earlier this year.  I could have done a better job on the frets, one in particular.  Buzz on 5, middle and melody.  Had it under control, but it was resurfacing lately.  So, took advantage of having the day off to loosen all the strings, clean all the frets, check heights with the little kit I got, tap a couple down, file a little.  Decided since I had the strings mostly off, and they're about 4 months old anyway, I'd restring it .24, .14, .10/.10.  Also lowered the action a tad, and tuned to DAdd (had been DAA due to strings I had on, and action level).  First time I've changed the strings since I built it.  Not quite as nervous as the first stringing, LOL.  Still a hint of a buzz on 5 middle (fret #6 is a tad high relative to 5, just a tiny tad--if I had gotten 5 in perfectly straight/no curve, I suspect this wouldn't be an issue).  Phew, managed to do all this and improve things, not mess something up!  Now I get to relearn DAdd, since I'd been hanging in DAA for these past several months.  Wheee!!!