Repairing/upgrading a Bob Lazenby Dulcimer

10/23/22 03:46:07PM

I have a Bob Lazenby cherry wood dulcimer.  The pegs constantly slip and the mount point (small brass nails) for the strings cut the string loops every so often.  I was thinking about replacing:

  • 1) the pegs with mechanical tuners, or at least change them to the Grover Friction Pegs. 
  • 2) the nails that hold the base of the string (the bridge?), I'm not sure what to do about them.  I'd like to install something that would be a good base for the strings short of just replacing the nails with some that aren't worn. 
  • 3) The  cherry wood nut and saddle with bone nut and saddle.

Any suggestions, opinions, red flags, "don't do it's" etc. ?20221023122807.jpg