maintaining the finish on my dulcimer

Patty from Virginia
10/02/12 07:03:47PM

Okay, so I've had my dulcimer for a few months now, almost a year. I do keep it dusted and cased when not playing it. Before I send an email to the maker I thought I would ask you all what is the best product to use as in paste wax to maintain the finish on my dulcimer. The maker's note says, "The finish is a hand rubbed lacquer used for durability and beauty. An occasional coat of paste wax is all that is needed to maintain its beauty." I did have suggestions of carnauba wax but the only product I found that had claimed this as its ingredient also had mentioned cleaners. This also happened to be a car wax. I'm not so sure I want to get something that is used for cars especially when it advertises special "cleaners" along with the wax. I ventured into the wood/floor cleaning supply section and found Johnson's paste wax but no ingredients were listed, just harmful if swallowed cautions etc.

So, what do you suggest? If you can give me some brand names I would appreciate it!!!