Playing at nursing homes

Bill Robison
04/01/14 05:57:38PM


I am a fairly new dulcimer fan , about 3 years now, I play at 4 nursing homes, every other weekin south central Indiana. I am retired, love playing the instrument, and its a really good feeling to be playing a really old song and see someones eye light up with reconition. Often on a song such as Daisy, Daisy there will be some toe tapping or nodding to the music, then by the second round, several are singing along and grinning from ear to ear! There are some that only come out of their roomsfor the hour of music! and always they ask several times when I will be coming back. I find the important thing is to play old songs that they recognize. Sometimes the Activity Director will make a game of it, asking if anyone recognizes the song. You might try it next time and be prepared for a pleasent surprise at their recall. Keep playing folks! Bill R