Elbow Pain

Colleen Hailey
04/25/14 01:01:56PM

Hi, I just started playing a month or so ago, and have been experiencing elbow pain (in the arm that does the chords, not the strumming). Generally I don't notice it somuch while I'm playing, but I do the rest of the time. I know that I must be doing the chords in some non-ergonomic manner. I was twisting my arm doing 1-0-1 and have corrected that, but the pain persists. There is no teacher in my area to give me some tips. I only practice 20-30 minutes a day, so I don't think that I am overdoing the practice time. I know that there is a lot out of information out on the internet. Can anyone recommend a site, a blog, or YouTube video that shows proper chording techniques?I really don't want to have to cut back on practicing. I'm enjoying it so much.