Beginner players

Beginner players

Are you a brand new player? Join this group and ask all your beginner dulcimer playing questions here! yes

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Anna Holt


@Anna Holt started one week ago - replies: 9

Strolling dulcimer for learning?

@mbethical started 2 weeks ago - replies: 14

Question on tab notation

@Pluckette started 3 weeks ago - replies: 3
Laurel K Scott

Stringing Mystery on Vintage Dulcimer

@Laurel K Scott started 4 months ago - replies: 24
Laurel K Scott

"Un" tuning?

@Laurel K Scott started 3 months ago - replies: 21
Dusty Turtle

no longer a beginner?

@Dusty Turtle started 3 months ago - replies: 5
Laurel K Scott

Tuner/Tuning Question

@Laurel K Scott started 3 months ago - replies: 5
Stephen Yale

Stringing and tuning 5 string dulcimer

@Stephen Yale started 2 years ago - replies: 21
John W. McKinstry

Inexpensive items to help beginners?

@John W. McKinstry started 11 months ago - replies: 5

Question about tab

@JDACNP started 8 months ago - replies: 6

Learning Chords for DAA tuning

@Tsutee started 8 months ago - replies: 15

Dulcimer just arrived

@JDACNP started 9 months ago - replies: 4


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