Wood Sources near Big Bend area of Florida

Pete Staehling
02/19/15 09:51:47AM

I settle on a house in Tallahassee at the end of March and am wondering what wood shopping will be like there. I am used to having a pretty good hardwoods supplier ten minutes away and an amazing Amish sawmill less than an hour away.

In addition to tons of large planks, the Amish sawmill always has lots of smallish dulcimer sized pieces of a wide range of species with the sides all planed so you can see the grain well. It is kind of like visiting a candy store as a kid. The prices are usually pretty good as well. Will I find anything like that within range for a day trip from Tallahassee? An overnight trip? I guess that worst case I can visit the Amish sawmill and stock up when we visit my wife's family now and then.