Shop Layout

Pete Staehling
03/19/15 09:52:31AM

I take possession of my new home next week and am starting to think about what my shop will look like. I currently work in a very tiny and cramped space in the corner of a row home basement. The new shop will be in a space that was built as a two car garage. I am so used to the tiny cluttered space I am having a hard time getting my head around laying out a "real" shop.

Since I will have more space, I plan to have more tools that will aid in dulcimer building, but also plan to have the shop set up for general woodworking and maybe small boat building (which I have done before, but outdoors).

The big tools that are currently either ordered or already in my possession are a 14" Delta band saw with a riser block and a bigger motor, a router table, and a Jet 10-20 thickness sander. I am trying to negotiate a deal on a DeWalt DWE7491RScontractor saw. Oh and I also have a Harbor Freight dust collector as well as a shop vac.

The rest are bench and hand tools. The bench tools include a 4" belt and 6" disk combo sander, a 1" belt sander, a drill press, a 7x10 metal cutting lathe, a Sherline model lathe/mill, and a little Ryobi bench top band saw.

I also have a number of hand power tools and non-power stuff like planes and other hand tools that I accumulated over the years or inherited from my dad.

I am considering some other purchases, but at this point that is what I will be starting with in the new shop. Later additions may be a Jet jointer planer, an air filter, and a compound miter saw.

The band saw, thickness sander, and table saw were or will be paid for using profits from dulcimer sales. It is nice to have a hobby that pays for itself and even generates a profit.

Anyone have advice that will help in the process of laying out and setting up the space?

Anyone care to share photos or layouts for their shops?