Dorsey Williams Dulcimer

Bill Robison
03/24/15 03:53:08PM

Hope someone can enlighten me on this dulcimer. It has a tag inside Handcrafted by Dorsey Williams, Jefferson city, TN. No date that I can find, no serial number, It is made entirely of black walnut, heart sound holes, fixed walnut or rosewood bridge, 28" vsl. Everything on it appears to be original, however it looks as though the string spacing may have been set up for noter and drone style playing. The space between the melody strings and the middle string is greaterthan the space from the middle string to the base.

The only reference I have found is that he was a builder, player and teacher in maybe the late 60"s early 70's. It is very well made, and finished.

I am putting new strings on it for a friend and they wanted to know about the instrument. It was handed done in the family at least one generation. Thanks

Bill Robison