Clocks - Coldplay (inspired by Sam Edelston)

Robin Clark
03/29/15 04:14:33AM

I've been chatting to Jim Woods at McSpadden recently about fret layouts as I wanted a just intonated dulcimer built for noter drone playing in DAA.Jim also told me that he had build a couple of quarter comma mean tone fretboards and had liked those himself. So I got him to build up one of the fretboards into a walnut hourglass McSpadden.

Yesterday I had a chance to test the instrument. I was actually playing it in noter drone in various tunings. But I thought I'd try it out chord melody style in DAd. So I had a play of various tunes and it seemed to work nicely. I didn't have much time as we were due to head out to dinner at the local laird's estate house (think Downton Abbey and you'll be close!). I've been watching Sam's great videos and really love his approach to the instrument So I thought I'd have a go at a rock tune albeit in a playing style and tuning that isn't my forte at all (give me a noter and quill and I'm happy!). I was very short of time so I thought Clocks by Coldplay would be appropriate! It was recorded in one take with a Zoom H5 balanced on the end of the bed while I awkwardly squatted on a wicker chair - the track includes my wife shutting doors as she rushes to get ready to go out I uploaded the file to Audacity, added some reverb and compression.