Playing in a different octave

Terry Wilson
04/27/15 09:04:45AM

As a beginner 3 years ago April 1st, I began playing in DAd, and didn't change tuning for quite sometime. When I finally discovered CGC, it was a very big ah ha moment. It was probably a year and a half later before I discovered how easy it was to play in a higher octave, and this was an even bigger ah ha moment. Which leads me to this thought to ponder:

"Why didn't I discover changing octaves sooner, rather than later." The variety in your music it creates is ridiculous.

While barnstorming over this forum recently, it is pretty obvious, especially on this Beginner Players discussion, that there is a whole lot of discussion on different tunings, but very very little discussion on changing octaves. I think beginners are missing out on a wonderful ah ha moment, that eluded me for so long.

So for the sake of beginners, I want to offer this very simple explanation to playing in a different octave that will open up a whole new world to your music.

Using a dulcimer with a 6 1/2 fret, in DAd: Simple as this.

Playing Boil Them Cabbage Down, beginning with the 2nd fret. Play your song.

Now begin the song at the 9th fret (not counting the 6 fret). So it is: 9999 10 10 9999 88

It is important to know that the 7th fret is the all important "open" note.

Congratulations, you have just experienced an ah ha moment, and graduated to another level.



PS: To the experienced players, this subject might seem brainless, but to beginners, it might seem priceless.