Dulcimer in the raw

Ed Gaunt
08/14/15 11:38:21PM

Several weeks ago large storm in South Jersey blew down several large trees in my mom's yard.  One of the trees was a 35+ year old mulberry tree.  Unfortunately the trunk split from top to bottom, but I was able to salvage several large (4"-8") brnches.  On Tuesday a friend of mine with a 14" band saw helped me cut up the logs into 1" slabs, which I finally got stickered and clamped this evening.  Some of the pieces have already warped.  we dipped the ends in parafin to prevent checking.  Now all I need to do is wait a few years before I can use it.  Question is, how long should I let the wood dry?  The garage wher eI have them is not heated or AC'd unless I am working out there, so it gets pretty warm in the summer and cold in the winter.  I had though about putting them in the attic, but that might be too hot and dry them too fast.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  First time I've vere tried to do anything with wet wood fresh off the stump.