40-year old RemBrand Dulcimer Kit!

Ed Gaunt
08/26/15 11:06:30PM

A friend of mine who is a realtor aqcuired a RemBrand Dulcimer kit from one of his clients a number of years ago.  It has been sitting in his basement and last night he asked me about it.  As best as I can determine (from Google) a guy named Jerry Rempp of Newton Iowa started RemBrand in the mid-70s.  I found a couple of ads for the kits in Popular Science from 1974 and 1975.  Anybody know anything about him?  Is he still alive?

The kit is unbuilt and complete...it even has a bottle of 40 year old Weldwood glue that is still liquid!!  It also has four Champion Key friction tuners.  Thr mimeoed instructions are typed with hand-drawn illustrations.  VSL is 27.5"  Top and bottom are spruce.  The sides, peg head and fretboard are walnut.  The provide strings are three .008s and one unwound .020.  The recommended tuning is DGG!

So, is this worth anything to anybody in its unbuilt kit form or should I go ahead and assemble it for my friend to play?