Cherub Guitar Pickup WCP-80G into Acoustic Amp

Robin Clark
12/21/15 08:37:25PM

I was asked to play the incidental music at a local function last week (Christmas drinks an buffet at a local arts club).  I took one dulcimer and clipped on a Cherub Guitar pickup WCP-80G and ran it direct into a Marshal AC50 amp.  I sat on a low stool next to the amp in a corner of the venue and played for about two hours. 

I'm usually very particular about my sound but I have to say the Cherub did the job just fine.  These pickups are really cheap ($5 or so on Amazon at present) so don't expect great quality.  However, the whole set-up was a very pragmatic solution for providing background music at a social event where you are not 'centre stage' so to speak.  I clipped the Cherub into one of the sound holes and just plugged it direct into the Marshall amp.