Dulcimer Discovery Workshop Experiment

John W. McKinstry
06/01/16 02:08:19PM

Hi everyone,  A dulcimer student of mine is a children's librarian and she asked me to do a month's long,a  4 session introduction to the Mt. Dulcimer during the 4 Wednesdays in July.  We are hoping for about six students.  It is open to 3rd graders and up.  We are hoping that the local bank may help us buy a few of the backyard even tempered dulcimers.  I have also have five wooden ones to loan out to adults as well. In the first session ( all D A A) we'll tackle, Hot Cross Buns, and Mary Had a Little Lamb.  The second session will be Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  Our third session will be Boil Them Cabbage Down + harmony. If we have extra time and some older students  want to be challenged we will introduce them to Down In The Valley, and Skip To My Lou. I have my librarian friend and a 12 year old student who will also be able to help.  In the future the library hopes to lend out a few dulcimers just like you would a book.  Right now we are just "winging it' on a wing and a prayer.  I'll let you know how it turns out. John McKinstry