Thomas vs Prichard vs Galax

Jill Geary
10/30/16 01:14:55AM

Hi all. After bugging Robin Clark to death with email questions - MANY of them - I decided I would bring some of my questions to the group too. I've started contacting some builders and, while I'm waiting to hear from them, I'd appreciate your opinions please. 

I'm firmly planted in noter/drone, after coming full circle. I know I now have to have a replica - and I'm comparing a Thomas vs. a Prichard vs. a Galax (realizing that the Galax is quite different, or course). My application is: self enjoyment, old-timey playing with 2 banjos (sometimes just one minstrel banjo) + 2 fiddles, and eventually teaching (or demonstrating) noter/drone around my area in Southern California - at least to introduce it. Robin and I have pretty much concluded that the Prichard would be a good choice for me. I would love to hear your opinions - pro/con - comparing these 3 dulcimer styles. I have no access to any of these to play them for myself. I did play Steve Eulberg's Galax (or one he borrowed?) at KMW and I really enjoyed it. I'm also enjoying listening to Phyllis Gaskins' Galax dulcimer music. But, hearing Robin play his Prichard, and then his  Thomas, and then his Galax - well, I know it's the musician, but I want them all! :-)

For those of you who have these styles of dulcimer, I'm curious what your thoughts are? If any of you have played with OT groups in the States I am curious how the Galax is received? Thomas too quiet? Prichard pegs too difficult (I play violin and cello so I understand friction pegs - but my banjo friends, who retune all the time - hate them). Galaxy too "big?"  Maybe it doesn't matter - they are all equal?