Went to add 1+ Fret and Made Surprising VSL Discovery

Sheryl St. Clare
01/13/17 08:44:12AM

I decided to add a 1+ fret to my Folkcraft dulcimer kit build. I discovered the frets, which were already installed by Folkcraft, are set to distances appropriate for a 28.25 VSL. The bridge placement on this dulcimer, the slot already located by Folkcraft, measures a 26.75 VSL.

I’m going to place the new 1+ fret at 4.495" nut to fret, and move the bridge to 28.25”. I’ll have to move the bass and middle string pins back a smidgen to accommodate the new bridge location. And of course, I will then have the old bridge slot staring at me sans bridge, which I could fill in with some scrap pieces of walnut I have. 


Am I thinking correctly? Keep in mind that I paid $30 for this kit, and I am looking at it as more of a learning experience than anything else. 

Thoughts/advice would be appreciated.