Getting the first dulcimer

08/10/17 09:55:09PM

As a sr. adult I have always found when purchasing instruments that quality was a big part of wanting to practice and play the instrument.  Four open back banjos in the house and I just sold one of two mandolins.  Looking forward to getting the first dulcimer and if I go cheap I know I won't like what I'm hearing (compared to what you guys and gals put on Youtube) and I guess I'm asking at what price range did some of you start.  I don't want to compare makers so much, that is personal opinion I know, but maybe a little about where some of you started even if you did start cheap.

Thanks in advance for any input.  BTW How important is it in considering length?  Looking on Ebay and I don't always find the length mentioned.  Does a shorter length help with the learning/beginning process?