Just a "Thank You"

11/11/17 10:39:45AM

I guess this is as good a place as any just to give a a big "thanks" shout out to everyone that contributes to this site.  I don't always ask a lot of questions here because I find others are wondering the same things and then a more advanced player answers.  I heard Steve Martin make the comment that the clawhammer style of playing banjo was much "moodier" than three-finger style (bluegrass).  I'm finding the MD is one of the moodiest (in a good sense) instruments I have ever played.

Thanks to all here I have learned that I need to make it my own. Yes, I did play well with others when a child, but I'm an old rebel now and just like to do things my way.  Since there are no teachers in my area all of you have a part in my learning process, thanks you are doing a good job.

I encourage other new learners to read, try, noodle, go slow, go fast....when you like what you hear do it again.