Relative bridge location to Tailpiece block

Bill Robison
07/02/18 09:55:48AM

I have about 80 dulcimers that I have built, and recently run into a "situation " that has me rethinking some of my ideas.

  The las dulcimer I built has a 30" vsl 9,5" lower bout, 5" waist and a 7.5" upper bout, it is 2" thick

Woods are all black walnut except the top and it is wormy, ambrosia red maple.

The situation is that it has nowhere near the volume or tone  of my "roadie" instrument that is shorter and narrower. Due to the overall length of the new  instrument, I decreased the distance from the bridge to the tailpiece which placed the bridge directly over the end of the tail block. Could that cause the instrument to be a little quieter and a little twangy?

  I plan to take a very thin saw and cut the glue joint between fretboard and  back to clear the bridge and relieve  the contact at the tail block. 

Any thoughts on this?

Bill Robison