Donated beginner dulcimer for elderly lady...?

Terry Wilson
04/04/18 12:34:04PM

A friend of mine, an 87yr old lady, has engaged me to teach her mountain dulcimer.  I'm trying to help her find a low cost, but very playable, dulcimer.

Allene, all 4'9" of her, is a very healthy, full of joy, little lady.  She is serious about learning, as she took to learning harmonica rather quickly.  

She also assists me every week with my Assisted living homes ministry.  Passing out song sheets, etc.  Loving on the folks .

Perhaps someone has one stuck in a closet, that you wish to donate? I will pay the shipping by paypal.  

Any consideration would be appreciated.   For her fingers, her dulcimer needs to be low action.  She doesn't have arthritis,  but golly, she has super small hands.  Like a doll.