A recent opportunity to play the dulcimer and sing in church

John W. McKinstry
07/13/18 10:55:15AM

Well the big day came for me to do some solos in church.  For the prelude i did some of my wife's Scriptural Meditations:  "In The Beginning Was The Word" & "The Word Became Flesh" and a few others. For the offertory I did: "Where Shall I Shelter My Sheep Tonight?" I had planned to capo of the third fret but in the excitement I forgot to do this but it sounded okay, anyways. For the postlude I did: "Wayfarin' Stranger".  Afterward a musician in our church came up to me and gave me a big hug and said"Your music brought tears to my eyes".  I was surprised aslso to see how many others enjoyed these songs too, for we have a lot of classical music usually played in our church.  To top it off, I have three people who now want to attend a workshop I'll be doing soon on how to play the Mt. Dulcimer. Now these sort of things don't happen that often, but I will always be grateful for the response I got that day. In fact I am going to make a copy of this note to add to my scrapbook of things I am grateful for.