New Song (for me)

Terry Wilson
10/25/18 08:39:37PM

I started learning a new song last week, called; "I feel like travelling on."   I love it.

I played it at ALH's, this week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  The folks loved it.   I provided the words to two verses and the chorus.  That's all I had memorized.

Easy, easy song to learn on dulcimer and ukulele.  I decided to use my baritone ukulele.  With the uke, one can "show off" more, and act a little like a rock star.

I bring this up, just in case someone is looking for a new song.  Easy to learn, and can be sung with a , what I call, neutral voice.  No lows and no highs, played in the key of C.  At least for me.

Old folks love familiarity,  and this is a song they respond to, rather quickly.