Best resources to learn noter/drone

12/14/18 06:36:53PM


So I finally went ahead and ordered my first dulcimer. I'm very excited! (For those who are curious, I chose this model, please don't tell me that I made the wrong choice : ) (admin has fixed non-working link)

Apparently, or so it seems, noter/drone style is rather uncommon. Perhaps, I'm making false assumptions. Anyway, to me, there was never any doubt that I would learn anything else. Noter/Drone is what made me want to learn the instrument in the first place

I'm wondering what are the best resources out there to get me on my way?

I live in eastern Canada where I'm assuming not many people have heard of the dulcimer (I hadn't heard about it until 2 years ago), so finding a teacher and whatnot is probably out of the question for now.