1.5 fret under middle string ?

Glenda  Hubbard
12/22/18 04:15:02PM

 Best approach to placing a 1.5 fret just under the middle string on my dulcimer?  I had a staple  flattened out and glued in for a while for a temporary fix but it came off. I would like to have one permanently. I watched Dulcimore Dan's video  on how he does his staples and really like the way Bobby Ratliff  stapled frets on my piglet could I do something like that for my middle string 1.5. fret?. I'm thinking about using my Drimmel drill small drill bit for the holes to put the staple into place would I still need to use glue to keep it in place? . I do have wood working experience, and not afraid to try it. Is there something that I may have missed that I need to know before I attempt to do this?