Is there an open tunings guide?

01/05/19 12:40:40PM


I was wondering if there is a chart or book recommended showing all the different open tunings.

I like to experiment, and I’m not a singer at all, I’m not worried about a tuning that works with my voice.  I am more interested in the drone style, and just playing the melody line of songs I know.

Right now, I have my three string tuned to B3 e4 E3.  I have the melody string closest to me tuned lower than the middle string.  I like how it sounds this way.  I was doing dAA, but couldn’t help myself and played around until I ended up on a B and E tuning.  

But anyhow, I was wondering if there was a chart showing all the open tunings.  I think I’m using the right term, open.

Thanks, Lisa