A Tool for Cutting Fret Slots with Super Accuracy

Dwain Wilder
04/08/10 01:24:44PM
I've been developing a fret cutting template that can be created for any scale length (two scales, one on each side of a 1/8"x1-1/2" aluminum bar). I'm considering going into production to sell these to other instrument makers.

Would you be interested in a Fret Cutting Template with these characteristics?

1. Designed for use with the Stewart-MacDonald Fret Slotting Saw and Miter Box (currently $94.44) or their Japanese Fret Saw and Fret Slotting Miter Box Currently $109.77)

2. The Template can be ordered with either one scale or two (one scale along each edge of the template bar.

3. Scale lengths can be of any length up to 32 inches, and graduated in either inches or centimeters

4. The scale(s) are guaranteed to be less than 5 cents in tonal error (typically on the order of 0 to .5 cents) at each fret location. An Error Certification document is generated and supplied with the template.

5. Scales are chromatic, with blank-out clips fitted to all non-diatonic positions. Simply remove the clips to include any extra frets you want in your pattern.

6. Convenient bottom attachment points with supplied #4-1/2" brass screws, or attach with double-sided tape

7. Convenient storage box for blank-out clips and attachment screws

8. Price range for Fret Cutting Template: $50-$75, depending on final arrangement with aluminum supplier and final engineering of my manufacturing process.

Interested? Please let me know. http://www.bearmeadow.com/contact-us.html

If there is enough interest I will proceed with engineering these templates for the market. At last, a simple way to cut super-precise fretboards with documented accuracy!