A Word of Thanks and Recommendation

Kevin R.
05/20/18 03:59:16PM

I have been blessed to have had 3 dulcimers built by gentleman who are members of this website and I wanted to offer a word of thanks and recommendation for them. I’ve never met any of them, but they were all very easy to work with and they all did a great job. If anyone is considering having a dulcimer built I can recommend any of them.

Last April I had a Prichard replica made by Kevin Messenger. A wonderful instrument that is a joy to play.

This February I had a more modern dulcimer made by Bob Gerard. Another wonderful, great sounding instrument.

Just a couple weeks ago I took delivery of a walnut Thomas replica made by John Knopf. It’s a truly beautiful instrument and great sounding dulcimer.

All of these gentleman have produced wonderful sounding and looking instruments. I know there are other builders here as well that I am sure do outstanding work, but these are the 3 I have worked with and I wanted to let people know my experiences.

Thanks guys!