Ban Jammer Plans Needed

Sheryl St. Clare
02/18/16 12:18:40PM

I thought I saw a blueprint for a ban jammer on FOTMD. Am I confusing this with another site? Does anyone else remember seeing it? I have a 1974 McSpadden TK-4 kit I would like to try to make into a ban jammer. Reason being, the sides and body included in the kit are veneer, and the body is very shallow. It was known to have a 'small voice'. It does, however, have a very nice walnut fretboard and scroll head.  I thought of trying to turn it into an electric dulcimer, but now I am thinking I could go the ban-jammer route for a lot less $$$ because I would not need a preamp and amplifier. Does anyone have plans, or can anyone recommend where I can get plans for building a ban jammer?