Is it too soon to show?

Mark Runge
06/16/15 10:17:54PM

This could still end up as firewood--if you've seen my Facebook posts you'll know that it almost did once already! Thank goodness I was talked down by Dulcimore Dan and Alan Roadcap. But I'm so stoked I've got to share it with y'all.

I just got the top on tonight. I have four days to get it done to take it up to KMW, and it'll be a stretch because I don't want to rush one part. Finishing takes two days, and then I just have to set the pegs, get the intonation right, cut the saddle slot, and wax and buff. But no pressure.


  I love fiddle edges!

Bloodwood is really pretty, but if you are going to carve it plan for a tool sharpening session afterwards. And I wore out my resawing blade cutting it down. But it is so worth the time!
















The top is spruce. I collaborated with a former student on this. She is a marine biologist down in Miami. She has always loved drawing, and she was one of my top students. We've always talked line work and tattoos. She designs them; she gave herself and her mother tattoos.











Hopefully I'll get a video of me playing it in a couple of days!