My first custom build

07/05/17 02:49:14PM

Hi all. I wanted to share some thoughts about an exciting development in my Dulcimer Journey.

Earlier this week, I received a request  to purchase my most recent dulcimer! She asked if I could make some changed/alterations (converting the 4 strings to 3 strings and adding a 1.5 fret) I suggested that I could make a new custom 3 string dulcimer with the 1.5 fret for her and she accepted. She also asked for a wooden carry case to be made as well. It is my first order and I am very excited to build it for her. The price is quite nice as well.

I promised to keep the customer updated with photos of the progress of her instrument and case. (I hate when I order an instrument and have no idea how it is coming along especially months down the road). She liked that idea.

For some reason I have a deep fear that something will not be to her liking and she will be disappointed. Of course I would offer to provide a complete refund if that was the case. The worst part is it would be a big disappointment for me if I did not meet expectations.

I started work on the new dulcimer "July" and already I am second-guessing myself as to if it is good enough so far. (Maybe that piece of wood is not as nice as another piece I can get. Stop and begin anew... etc.) I may never be completely satisfied with it but just wonder how/when others feel when they say, "OK, here it is, it's done" and just wait for the report card?