Tung Oil

Pete Staehling
07/15/15 09:04:30AM

We had a speaker at our local wood workers club who is reintroducing tung oil production to the US.  He doesn't really have any stock since the 2015 crop is mostly sold.  The Tallahassee area orchards are not fully mature yet so production is just ramping up.  I think he said he currently has about 7000 five year old trees.

Any way, I have a pint of his domestic tung oil and want to start experimenting with it.  I suspect that without additives the drying may be pretty slow in the humid Tallahassee climate, so I am wondering about using Japan drier, citrus oil, or other drying agents.  I also wonder about a hybrid wipe on finish that is part oil based varnish, part tung oil, and part mineral spirits.

Anyone have suggestions or personal experiences with tung oil to share?

BTW, if you are interested Gulf Coast Tung Oil, their web site is http://www.gulfcoasttungoil.com/home.html  I think he said he will have some oil on hand again in November.