Are noter players troublemakers?

Kendra Ward
02/26/10 08:07:20PM


I am beginning to wonder if being a noter player makes me automatically a troublemaker? It seems that every time someone posts something about playing noter style on the "other" forum, they are jumped on and it is uncalled for!

Things are said about being flamed etc. etc. before anything is EVER said from noter players. It's like someone is always looking for a fight and it ruins the friendliness that should be there.

I can't help it that I am a noter player and that is what I like most and I will not apologize for it. On the other hand, those who like other styles of playing should not have to apologize for that either. I have ALWAYS made it clear that I like many styles, I just don't play them. I like all kinds of music, I just don't play it. I appreciate what others do, but I don't think they appreciate what we do.

So what is up with noter players always seeming to be attacked? I don't think noter players usually attack others unless they are provoked. We love the sound and the tradition just like other players like their style.

Isn't there room for both? I am beginning to wonder? What's happening? . . . . . . . .