Sally in the Garden - Dm version

Robin Clark
07/17/11 02:00:14PM

It has been a cold, wet and windy day here on the West coast of Wales

So I thought that it would be a good time to sit indoors and learn a new noter/drone tune. I'd heard Sally in the Garden being played a few times at sessions by fiddlers and banjo players and I thought it was a lovely tune andmay translate OK to noter/drone dulcimer.. There are at least two versions of the tune, one in Am and one in Dm (aeolian). I found a couple of fiddle and banjo examples of the Dm version on YouTube this morning and set about working it out.

It is a lovely, slightly crooked, fiddle tune in two parts - and it sounds more complicated than it actually is. Once I'd started working on it the tune came OK with only a few compromises needed to translate it across instruments. I'd heard it played with lots of rhythmic variation from Irish trad to bluegrass - I opted to follow the rhythm pattern of a clawhammer banjo player recording I found as close as I could. Here it is: