Punk dulcimer - I Wanna Be Sedated

Sam Edelston
11/23/19 11:21:33AM

In a Facebook group, somebody's phone said "Sedated," instead of the word he intended to use. (My phone comes with that convenient auto-sabotage feature, too.)

His typo inspired me. Here's the Ramones' classic, "I Wanna Be Sedated," on chromatic dulcimer.

Why chromatic? It's such a simple song, you can play it in D with no special equipment.

But the Ramones sang it in E, so I capoed up to E. And then, following their recording, I modulated it up a step to F#. And then I modulated it a few more times at the end.

The dulcimer is such a natural rock instrument, as usual! sun Enjoy!


PS - This is my electric chromatic built by Rod Matheson, with two channels of effect pedals underneath. See the YouTube page for more detail.