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As a teenager, I fell in love with the sound of the hammered dulcimer, and been going to dulcimer festivals since I was 21, but I assumed that mountain dulcimer couldn't be interesting because, after all, how much could you do with only 3 (or 4) strings? Then, in 2004, I became the founding chair of the Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival , and decided I should get to know the other side of the family.

Just as "The Folk" played the songs that were familiar to them, I played the songs that were familiar to me.

I've discovered that 3 strings actually are an advantage, rather than a handicap. I can do things on a 3-string dulcimer that I can't do on a 6-string guitar. I believe that dulcimers ought to be familiar to the general public, and widely used in popular forms of music, and I've posted several dozen videos on YouTube show the diverse things you can do with this instrument -- everything from folk to rock, country, bluegrass, opera, even tango. Two of those videos -- covers of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" on electric dulcimer, had the cosmic good fortune to go viral, and are among the most viewed mountain dulcimer videos on YouTube.

(By the way, for venues that can't allow ASCAP or BMI songs, I have plenty of public domain and original repertoire, too.)

Dulcimers are easier to learn than guitars, easier to tune, lighter weight, and less expensive. While guitars also are wonderful, I see dulcimers as a more logical entry-level instrument. I believe there should be millions of dulcimer players in this country.

My personal philosophy is this:

A. I like the ratio of 3 strings for my 5 fingers. 

B. I chose to focus on one tuning, and learn it inside-out, rather than playing in multiple tunings.

C#. If a song requires a note I don't have, I'd rather add frets than adding strings or changing the tuning.

D. Any song is fair game.

I've performed and/or taught for many years at dulcimer festivals and a variety of folk venues around the Northeast, been on the faculty at Kentucky Music Week twice, and been featured at festivals as far away as Minnesota, Louisiana, and (though it wound up being held online due to Covid) California. 

PS - My profile pic here is me playing a school gig here in Connecticut. Five lunch periods of elementary school kids. I can tell from the blindfold that I was playing "Pinball Wizard."

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"Maybe this is a slightly extreme arrangement, but hey, it's 2020. Motorhead's heavy metal hit, "Ace of Spades," fingerpicked Scruggs-style on an electric..."
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"Thanks, Robin, Dusty, and Hobbyhorse! As you might imagine, I had a ton of fun putting this one together. Sam"
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"I started playing On Broadway a couple of months ago. This is one of those cases where if you play a song a hundred times, interesting variations happen,..."
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Happy New Year to my friends and followers on FOTMD. Let there be peace on earth - outer space isn't a good alternative yet.

If everyone played dulcimers, we could all live in harmony.

Sam Edelston
Sam Edelston
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08/16/16 10:42:45AM @vlillik:

That would be great Sam, in D.  Unsure how to send a private message with snail mail in it?

I have being trying my best as a beginner and intro could be:

D 000   Em 113    

D 000   D 230   

D 000   Em 113

D 000   ? 230

Verse 1: D 000   D 234

Em 113   D 000   A 404

D 000   A 404   ? 424

A 101   Em 113   112  E 111   D 000

Verse 2 the same

Bridge is difficult, something like:

D 002   C 646

E 111  Em 113   E 111

446   D 224


D 000   A 404   D 234

A 101   Em 113   112   111   000

Repeat V 1 & 2

The outro same as last line in the Verses but final 2 notes don't sound right Em 113  then D 000

Maybe comments as a tutor, it helps learning chords?

08/15/16 10:18:02AM @vlillik:

Hi Sam

Thanks :)

Please could you give me the tablature chords in C for: Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree?  C  Gdim   Dm   G7   D7   Bb

 I've tried doing it but can't find all the equivalent ones (my music is for ukelele) and my music theory is basic. Eg: are you using C as 666 or 646; Gdim 335? Can't find others. 

I'd be very grateful if you could provide me with the tablature in C  :)

08/09/16 06:36:01AM @vlillik:

Wow, your: Don't sit Under The Apple Tree is amazing!  I play in a ukulele group and this is one of ours.  Last month I purchased a MD and this has to be one of the songs I learn.  I'm a beginner so this is truly inspirational, thank you.

Mike Volker
06/05/14 10:01:40PM @mike-volker:

Hi Sam

My email address is



Mark Filler
08/25/13 05:12:08PM @mark-filler:

Thanks... I talked with Robert Force about a year ago and he said there was a project in the works to make it but I never heard more... Do you know if this differs a lot from the blue Lion Force/D'Ossche model with a pick up?

Mark Filler
08/25/13 02:45:05PM @mark-filler:

Hi Sam:

I live near Rod Matheson and I have a dulcimer he made in about 1976...How do I reach him about getting a dulcimer like yours...6 string electric?

04/09/12 10:43:05AM @pine:

Thanks for the response Sam. I thought for sure there was some editing involved to move from one effect to another. I also initially thought you were playing bass (multitracking) but was amazed that you got that sound from EQ on the 'buckers. I find the whole thing really creative and downright inspiring. Music hath no boundaries!!


04/09/12 07:08:55AM @pine:

Loved his tune!...great playing with really creative flourishes and nice dynamics. Cool how you worked in the effects. What are you using for a preamp? How did you add in the effects? Software editing? Great rocker here..nice one!


Bill Lewis
08/28/10 05:00:07PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Sam. Grin.gif
Sue Simms
08/21/10 06:47:14PM @sue-simms:
Wecome Sam, good to see another FOTMD ! Smile.gif
Rod Westerfield
08/21/10 12:48:41PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Sam .. glad ya joined the FOTMD family.. 103.gif
08/21/10 07:32:50AM @strumelia:
Hello Sam, so glad you could join us!
John Henry
08/21/10 06:41:06AM @john-henry:
Hi Sam, glad to have you here with us!JohnH