Cheap Trick on Dulcimer

Sam Edelston
12/14/19 10:14:21AM

I first heard this song in college, and I've always found it catchy. Plus, I've always enjoyed being able to ask, "Would you like to hear a little Cheap Trick?" and then play this song, rather than, say, doing hammer-ons with the wrong hand or something.

"Mommy's alright. Daddy's alright. They just seem a little weird." (I don't see anything at all weird about playing songs like this on a chromatic electric dulcimer.) (I have always tried to be the "cool" parent, though. My kids' friends tend to like me.)

Black Wolf chromatic dulcimer built by Rod Matheson, Tuned DAD. Intro is in C#, verses 1 and 2 are in D, verse 3 modulates to G. (Going up a fourth, rather than Cheap Trick's half step, means this song can be played on a dulcimer with just a 1+ fret, if you step the intro up to D.)

The effects on this video are fairly basic. Channel A is the Cry Baby, overdrive, and chorus, with some reverb added at the amp. Channel B has an octave pedal, compressor/sustainer and reverb, and that amp's sound is set on "Brit Combo."

Enjoy! (But don't give yourself away.)