Source of Non-Fancy Noters in Different Hardwood Choices

02/03/20 02:31:04PM

I found a possible source for hardwood noters in various exotic woods (rosewood, cocobolo, zebrawood, padauk, bocote, purpleheart, etc).  Actually I stumbled across a website that sells turkey call striker tips, which just happen to be round pieces of hardwood dowel, 5/16 inch in diameter, and roughly 5-6 inches long, ideal for noters.  You can even order them with the ends already rounded off, if you prefer.  They compare in size to the noters offered by June Apple.  They just don't have the fancy wood-turning.  But depending upon your wood choice, you could get several for the same price as one fancy noter.  They are priced anywhere from 65 cents each for the less expensive woods up to $2.10 each for Macassar ebony.

I haven't tried to order any yet, but I will be giving it a try soon.  I'll probably order a dozen or so to try them out.  Enjoy.

For the traditionalists among us, you can even order them in the most common American hardwoods (walnut, cherry, hickory, etc.) for authenticity sake.