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I began playing the mountain dulcimer after seeing one at Toledo's Swan Creek Metropark in 1985.  Since then my interests have focused on the traditional aspects of dulcimer playing.  I now play in mostly a noter-drone or finger-dance style.  I have done extensive genealogical research on the dulcimer families of Watauga County, North Carolina in an effort to decipher the path of the dulcimer's dissemination throughout northwest North Carolina.  Highlight of my dulcimer life include meeting Ralph Lee Smith, Frank Proffitt, Jr., and Clifford and Maybelle Glenn.  

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Posted a response to "Black Rose Dulcimer by Bill Todd ":
"The second or Galax false bottom is nothing more than a permanently attached "possum board" with the purpose of letting the bottom of the soundbox freedom to..."
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Posted a response to "The Joy of Sharing Dulcimer":
"One drawback to using string instruments in large groups of children is getting past issues of tuning multiple instruments quickly.  Imagine trying to tune..."
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"Yes, you can play your McSpadden in D-A-A without changing the bridge.  The compensated bridge improves intonation slightly, but it is not essential.  In..."
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Posted a new Comment on Ok I have more Questions about better brands of dulcimers:
"Some modern dulcimers of consistent quality are McSpadden, Blue Lion, Modern Mountain Dulcimers, Folkcraft, and Bonnie Carol.  Unfortunately, they are..."
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"The 7th fret on a dulcimer is comparable to the 12th fret on the guitar.  Both produce the octave of the same string played open.  So if the 7th fret of your..."
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"I located a less expensive option for purchasing the back issue of the Journal of Moravian History which contains Lanie Graf's article on the Moravians' use..."
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"Ken, I think Ms. Graf's article was once available for free online.  But all I can find is reference to the following, which can be purchased at a hefty..."

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05/21/20 07:30:21PM @victorianpam:

Hi. I read your post in the civil war about the Profitts. I was delighted to see your comments about Captain Daniel Ellis Carter Co. TN.  I have family stories of things that went on there between my ancestors in Carter Co., and Captain  Ellis.  

I’ve never talked with anyone that knew anything about him. 
pam Lacy 

11/15/17 07:49:34PM @greg-gunner:

I have a June Apple dulcimer.  It doesn't have the light silvery sound of the J.E. Thomas  reproductions that I own.  Nor does it have the resonant sound of the larger bodied dulcimers.  The sound falls somewhere in between.  You could probably describe it as a balance between the two.  Keep in mind that Carl and his staff at June Apple Dulcimers manufacture several different models of dulcimers and dulcimer ancestors.  The June Apple model has a somewhat smaller size than other models made by June Apple, so it's not surprising that the sound is somewhat closer to traditional than it is to guitar-like.  June Apple also makes a larger-bodied dulcimer.  I don't have personal experience with the larger model, but I would assume that its sound is more resonant and similar to other dulcimers with wider, deeper soundboxes.  In short, the difference in sound is more  a combination of volume and resonance.  Everything else being equal, smaller-bodied dulcimers have less volume and less resonance.  Larger-bodied dulcimers have more volume and more resonance.  Other factors to consider are the type of wood used, particularly the soundboard (top), and the thickness of the top, back, and sides.  I'm not a builder.  A builder would be more qualified than I to describe the various factors affecting the sound of any given dulcimer.

Richard Streib
11/15/17 06:23:59PM @richard-streib:


I saw a post almost a year old about your June Apple dulcimer. How do you like it?

What is the sound like? I tend to prefer more traditional rather than guitar like.


Kevin Messenger
07/27/13 04:29:07PM @kevin-messenger:

Greg thanks for the interest. The Prichard is 350.00, plus shipping. I ask for a third down to cover costs and the balance is due when ready to ship. I look forward to talking with you more about the possibility of building you a Prichard , they are great sounding instruments, and are exact copies of the originals. Thanks Kevin.

mary e frantz
07/22/12 05:20:43PM @mary-e-frantz:

Thanks GregI will check them out do you by any chance know a an intermediate instructor around here thanks again mary

Bill Lewis
08/31/09 10:48:58AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome Greg
08/31/09 10:21:33AM @razyn:
Glad you made it over -- now join us in the Dulcimer Ancestors group, and we'll solve the mysteries of the universe. Or something.Dick
08/30/09 05:12:39PM @strumelia:
Welcome Greg!! :D