Next Build - Not quite a dulcimer

03/03/20 07:41:28PM

So, my wife and I went to Gjovik, Norway for the Nordic Harp meet last October and I was introduced to the Langeleik.  Got to take lots of photos and some measurements of one really old langeleik and am going to try to build a copy this instrument.  Thanks again to Marit Steinsrud for allowing me to take pics and measurements.   Besides jumping into classes and trying to learn to play, there was also an instrument building school in the basement and Marit introduced me to the master builder and he gave me a tour of his workshop.  The whole trip was way cool.  Here's the full scale plan I drew from the info I brought back.  And I already made some progress roughing out the pegheads.  These are again of re-purposed wood from the back of my neighbor's 100 year old house when they build an extension.