Wild Horses on a Dulcimer

Sam Edelston
03/14/20 10:29:19AM

Okay, it's not about horses riding on a dulcimer, or even doing dressage on one, but I couldn't resist using that as the title.

Here's my cover of the Rolling Stones' classic, Wild Horses, performed at a coffeehouse in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago.

I used to think mountain dulcimers weren't very interesting. I thought you could only play melody -- never imagined that you could also put a distinct accompaniment underneath it. I thought you could only play in one key without retuning (and I'd see performers bring several dulcimers on stage to avoid having to retune). So this video shows how very wrong I was for all those years. Plus, it's just a beautiful song!


Played on my standard McSpadden, tuned DAD, with a 1+ fret, in the keys of D, C, and G.

Enjoy! sun