2nd dulcimer build custom cardboard

04/19/20 11:11:00AM

I hope folks don't mind me posting my cardboard builds here, some may look down on them compared to all the Fine solid wood instruments out there...I do plan to build all wood dulcimers in the near furure, but am having fun experimenting with the low cost cardboard kits! I feel cardboard has its place, and is specially desirable if you if you want a dulcimer with decent tone but a softer voice...say for instance if practice in a busy household and not wish to disturb others with a loud instrument.

My first build was a backyard simplicity cardboard dulcimer built fairly stock with only bone nut/bridge upgrade....this one is quite a bit more in depth modifications...i could have cut my own cardboard soundbox but admired the laser cut F holes on the Folkcraft cardboard kit...I procure backyard fretboard so ordered the Folkcraft cardboard soundbox only...the second mod is Folkcraft leaves a lip all around like a Violin...this can be attractive look, however it leaves a large amount of the fluting "end grain" exposed..this detracts from the look in my opinion. My solution was to cut away the outer 5mm of form and slide the inner form outboard...this gives me a total 10mm x full length of soundbox More volume to the soundbox and slides the sides out to flush for a cleaner look...I will try to post photos to show the modifications...my plan is to bond Kraft paper (olde school grocery paper bags) to the sides to cover over the remaining cardboard end grain for a cleaner look and slightly more durable hopefully.