the "door dulcimer" ?!?!?!?

04/22/20 01:17:02PM

I'm always trying to dig around and look for ideas that might inspire some creativity, and this one was VERY intriguing. On some blog discussing types of dulcimers, the author mentions the "door dulcimer." Basically you take a cheap hollow door and glue four dulcimer fingerboards to it, so that when set on a table 4 people can jam together low fuss low cost. WOW. And I thought courting dulcimers were confusing! I'd love to hear what you guys know and think about this as a concept. I really do believe that anyone can play dulcimer and this seems like an awesome way to try to get people into it, but the physics of it all are so abstract to me. What is the consensus on having 4 different sources of vibration moving one single soundboard? does it muddy the sound? I have been told that more soundbox volume tends toward a richer tone, so would this instance of overkill make for a tub sound? Have any of yall seen these or tried to make any? It seems like realistically you could put up to 6 necks on a door and still play comfortably, which makes me wonder what kind of effect you would get playing solo from the sympathetic resonance of the other necks while you play. Maybe a sitar effect? I'd love to find out what you guys know and what you predict.