"scheitholt" good plans available?

04/24/20 03:09:01AM

Well...I hope it not bad form to post this question in a "dulcimer" forum...I got the bug to build simple dulcimers and during my research stumbled upon Scheitholt.

It seems there is some controversy on just what is correctly labeled a Scheitholt and zither and other names?

I like the sound of the ones I hear on YouTube videos and would love to build one, I am posting a photo of one I admire and am hopeful somebody could tell me if this is a proper Scheitholt? Can I play my mountain dulcimer tab music on it? Can I tune it DAD? or how is it correctly tuned? Also do I strum all the strings or just the ones over the fretboard? A ton of questions I know!

I like the simple shape and the simplicity of zither pin tuners on this one but if someone could direct me to plans for a nice design that is known to sound good...that would be great. Thank you!