Expensive hobby in the UK. Looks like I'm buying a lathe :D

05/25/20 09:15:48AM

My wife needs custom noters, owing to us being old and arthritic. I made her a noter from a piece of dowel, but now it is time to experiment with different shapes and lengths for the palm of her hand. Without going into detail, her fingers are not a regular shape any more.

There are no noters listed in the UK that look even remotely like what she needs so I’m looking for a small lathe on Amazon. The cost of buying some from the USA, that might not even be the shape she needs, would be as much as a hobby lathe. 😳😂

I used to do a bit of woodworking and whittling back in the day, so I will be able to make them once we figure out what she needs.

Her playing is coming along well. She moved on to “Amazing Grace” now and started learning to slide. 👍💚