a VERY strange hypothetical

08/12/20 12:37:58AM

Hello all a very bizarre idea came to my mind and I'd love some input. I was thinking about how if a dulcimer has a false bottom the entire actual bottom resonates totally freely with the only places the other boards are touching it being along the very edges. Meanwhile the soundboard on top is being very much limited in it's vibration by the neck running across it.
What if hypothetically, on a dulcimer with a galax bottom/possum board, there was a hole in the soundboard where the bridge should be and a very tall bridge which sits on the bottom board and protrudes out of the hole and is not in contact at all with the top board, but is so tall that it is in contact with the bottom board?
Since the bottom board is totally free to vibrate, would this be a much more efficient use of the energy of the string?

Its a very abstract idea and I'm hoping to test it soon, after some more considerations.