Using TEFpad app to help learn new songs

09/07/20 12:15:37PM

I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the technology group. I want it to be seen by beginners that might not see the other groups right away so I posted it here. 

I am using the TEFpad app, also called tabledit, to help me learn new songs. I copied some tab into the app and had it play it back to me. That can be helpful if you’ve never heard the song before. You can adjust the tempo of the playback so you can play along while learning the song. This helped me a lot with learning the timing of the half notes and quarter notes. Even though the playback is a bit crude sounding it can be helpful to be able to hear the music rather than learn only from some tab I found on the internet. I am learning noter drone style but I imagine it would help even more for the more modern playing styles.